Friday, April 18, 2008

uploads - and lots of 'em


Chauncy's not very good at staying still for the camera. even with the "Kids & Pets" setting, she still manages to stick her nose in the camera before the shutter closes.
at any rate, i'm just up late uploading new images to our printer's servers to make new posters and cards for the coming Pittsburgh con. i really wish we didn't wait till the absolute last minute to send our printers images. i know how frustrating it is to be on that end of a transaction where the client takes forever to give stuff even though they're own deadline quickly approaches. then u have to scramble to get it done in time to keep the customers happy. still, they're such a great bunch of folks and they manage to finish it up just in time. they tell us they need at least 10 business days to complete something and we give it to them 5 days to finish. i think that's just how artists work. i believe Gandalf the Gray put it best - an artist is never late; we finish precisely when we mean to. =P (at least, i think that's what he said.)

since i have a few more files to upload for the printers, i'll make this short. this is simply another illustration for my current client's novel. it's a jester (if u couldn't tell from the diamonds and the bells). she sent me an image to base it off of so hence the long hair and serious face. the reason behind the mask and the serious face is that when i read up on jesters in the middle ages, i found out that they were the only folks that could speak freely (in a sense) about high political folks because everyone thought of their blabber as just foolish talk. they were more jokes than anything serious. kings hired them to say things like that to others to sort of get away with making fun of other royal families since some truth is said in jest. BUT unlike comedians of today, they could still get prosecuted or punished for going too far. so they really had to pretty much be the opposite of a "fool."
not to mention, her description states that he's meek and quiet. hence, the mask and the serious face. =P

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