Saturday, April 5, 2008

open mouth - insert foot

just a quick note to my self (and perhaps others), don't take me too seriously. i rant and yak and that's all it really is. i luv what i do and i can't really complain. i'd much rather draw at home than sit at a human resources department inputting data any day of the week and TWICE on mondays!!! and sure, i say a lot of things about this request or that request but i like the challenge. i like the different quirks. otherwise everything will start to look the same and that's very boring, especially for an artist. not too many things are more fulfilling than to draw something someone wants and have that person be satisfied, regardless of the subject matter. my words might come across more abrasive than i really mean to but the reality is that i enjoy everyone's quirkiness. keeps things interesting! (which is why i like watching Secret Lives of Women on the WE cable channel. man that stuff is crazy!)
and shshsh....just between us....i kinda like drawin naked ladies from time to time. women, as a species, are sexy. i'm not saying i'm gonna start swinging the other way anytime soon but i think most women would agree that we are generally more sexy than men. and i happen to like drawing women that are sexy and strong.
also, i may have failed to mention in my previous post that i don't think the inks came out bad in that drawing. for my personal preference, i prefer my other way better.

so i've been taking it easy these past couple of days. haven't done much because i needed a small break. been a bit stressed out, as most folks are around tax time, and i needed to chill out. so in lieu of any new piece, this is the flats for the 4th page of that 4-page backup story that the husband and i are workin on. the flats aren't even finished on this yet but i needed to post something. i should be done with it by tonight or tomorrow. still have plenty on my plate so i gotta get out of this slump sooner rather than later.

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