Tuesday, April 22, 2008

see, i did stuff!

so all this ink on my hands makes me feel better about the fact that i haven't updated this over the weekend. i accomplished something at least! =) so here's the inked version of Jester. the other one with the heart is Conscience. i drew him yesterday and inked him today, hence no previous upload of his pencils. inking seems to have gotten a lot faster for me now that i've switched from Microns to nibs and ink. it's a little messier but, like i mentioned before, i feel more of a sense of accomplishment when i've got ink on my fingers. might be like what painters feel after they paint a masterpiece or something. besides, it could be a lot worse. i just remember that the carpet isn't mine so that deters me from making more of a mess. ^__~ i'm finally starting to get a bit more comfortable with the nibs though i've still got a little more ways to go as far as comfort. i gotta remember to let the ink DRY!

now this is Fear redrawn to look more like the original sketch. unfortunately there still seems to be a bit of a discrepancy with the face not being quite like the sketch was. i have no idea what to do to make it look more like it. it's frustrating! not because the request itself is frustrating. that's not the problem. the problem is that i can't seem to get close enough to my sketch. i mean it's my sketch! i should be able to get it! i mean, who better to draw like me than me?! at least i have the comfort of knowing i'm not the only one that experiences this. lots of folks have this problem. my husband says that happens to him a LOT when he draws thumbnails of stuff. he hates that the finished product turns out to look not as good as the thumbnail no matter how hard he tries. still....doesn't make it any less frustrating. -___-

oh, so we saw Forbidden Kingdom on the 18th when it opened. one of the perks of not having a day job. u can go to the movies during matinee hours when everyone else is at work or school! tho, that doesn't always apply around here. it's like nobody here works during the day either! weird.
at any rate, if ur a Jackie Chan fan like me, u'll like it. it's so cool to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same film. they're so different but they both fight so beautifully! it's definitely corny because of the plot itself. i mean, anytime u have a time-traveling kid from Boston whose only experience with kung-fu is through movies, it's bound to get a bit corny. not to mention, Jackie Chan flicks tend to be that way. but once u get past the beginning, things start to look cool. but u know what i realized after this movie? the only thing scarier than Jet Li kickin ur ass is Jet Li smiling. it's almost like a scary warning. it throws off ur defenses cuz it's so rare to see, then he proceeds to kick ur ass. =P it was fun tho. i'll probably still buy the DVD cuz of Jackie Chan. i'm sorry, he's my hero!

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