Thursday, April 10, 2008

birds chirping

birds chirping outside the little window in my lab means i've stayed up waaaay too late. it's morning and people are going to work while i've been sitting here working all night long on one flippin piece! gracious! i think i've really begun overworking these images lately and i really need to get a proper groove going if i'm ever to finish them by the deadline. *sigh* ah the life of an artist. it's really quite neat as long as u try not thinking about bills.

this took me so long to figure out what i want to do with it simply because it was probably the one with the most potential to look ridiculous or cheesy. not to say that the characters are cheesy but just the way i drew it. i was trying to go for an old victorian-ish look with the vines and stuff since she was some queen of england or wales or something like that. (clearly, i'm no good with history.) i tried to give it a worn look by layering a golden brown over the entire illustration. then when i changed the layer to Vivid Light and brought the opacity and fill down, it created this yellowy glow. which was surprisingly what i wanted! funny the things u find out if u press a button enough times. =P then again, there is something to be said about the one that's mostly white. it certainly helps with the fact that the event where this character shows up is in a dream.
not sure what the different-colored smoke coming out of the perfume bottle means. i was told to put it there. as soon as this book comes out, i'm (obviously) going to get at least 2 copies (one to read and one to keep of course) and finally understand why i've drawn what i did. kekeke i guess i won't really need to worry about any questionable content considering the publishers is a Christian publishing company. of course, they did say my art was far too sexually suggestive. what?! my art?! sexually suggestive!?!? feh, well when they're right, they're right. =P

other than this, i didn't do very much art-wise. had lots to handle with personal stuffs at home like doing some pricing for wedding favors i'm making with my sister and calling the Office of Employment Services. boy talking to those folks is like walking on pure sunshine if by sunshine you mean a deadly lava pit that melts your flesh on contact. it's amusing because they're so rude initially but the longer you talk to them, the more you realize they're really nice people. i guess if i had to listen every day all day to people talking about how they can't access job listings because they don't know how to turn the internet on or they can't find the "Any Key" when asked to press it, i'd probably be spittin frustrated too. on the bright side, getting this one image done is a rather large accomplishment for me.

enough complaining! gotta get back to work! i swear, there's not enough hours in a day. yikes!

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