Friday, March 20, 2009

super pet expo

the Super Pet Expo in chantilly, va starts today and goes till sunday. my husband's set up there for Big Heads and Little Bodies drawin caricatures of folks' puppies and whatever other pets they may have. unfortunately, he had to do it all by himself today since i had my crazy work schedule. BUT i'll be there tomorrow and sunday and am SUPER excited!!! i'll be advertising my pet portraits so hopefully i can raise some type of buzz on it.
SO! if ur in the area and u kinda like pets, u should definitely drop by! it's at the dulles expo center. i've attended it before for fun and it was really nifty. had lots of cool stuff for a dog lover like myself. ^__^
in preparation for it, i had business cards made for myself to hand out to folks at the expo. but instead of the traditional kind, i did these mini cards from a really cool printer in London called got a gift certificate for it from one of my dearest friends who happens to be very artistic and i'm so glad she got it for me. they're so cool looking! they're itty bitty (like half the size of a regulard bizness card) but u can put many different images on the front and it's very high-quality print which is great for artists who are constantly compelled to "do something different." so i took a pic of the ones i got and i am SO going to order more when i get a chance. they come in this really nice hard box too. how fancy! that website makes tons of other stuff too. really nifty. THANX JACY!!! ^__~


Jac V. said...
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Jac V. said...

you R welcum! omg those cards are so awesome!!! You better save me some!! :) I'm glad u got to use the gift certificate for the cards, i knew they would be perfect for what you guys do! :) hope you get lots of hits from the pet expo!!!!! <3 jac

(PS, i deleted the first comment becuz i misspelled something...)

Peng-Peng said...

ah! ok, that explains the mysteriously deleted comment. i was a little worried there for a sec.

yes i will definitely send u a set! they're really nice. i need more! heehee the expo was quite the success. so much, in fact, that we're seriously considering following that particular show around to other places they're going to. so yay!