Friday, March 20, 2009

tomorrow's a little late

oops, so i didn't even get to write the next day about the drawing i recently posted. work has really been kickin my behind but i finally made it through the last day of the crappiest work week to date at my dayjob! i survived!!!
well, to quickly touch on the previous post, that was an art commission i drew for a client that won my ebay auction. if the image looks familiar, it's because he asked me to draw an image by Luis Royo but to have the woman nude. so no i'm not taking credit for coming up with the idea - no i'm not jackin someone's work. it was requested of me and i drew it in my style. ^__^ besides, Luis Royo is flippin amazing so clearly mine pales in comparison.
so since i haven't drawn anything as of the last post, i'll post this funny picture of my babies. =) she was yawning as i took this picture but it just looks like she's saying "YEAH!!" hilarious!

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