Monday, February 15, 2010

good luv jodeci
i've started to ink these star wars sketchcards. been lookin for an excuse to use my walnut ink so voila! i use a quill pen to ink and i've been doing so for a couple of years now (i think). but i still feel awkward using it. albeit i don't ink often but i was hopin i'd get used to it by now. and just to demonstrate how annoyed i am at my lack of comfort with a quill and ink, i screwed up Oola's eyeball! blower. i'm trying not to panic and think of ways i can remedy the situation but its hard to not be pissed when it was actually my favorite one out of the set! just a fateful ink glob escapes and it's a wrap on my day. i'm sure it's probably not even that bad but fellow artists know that when u screw up something in ur artwork, that's all u see. *sigh* i plan on graying these once i'm done so maybe it'll be even less noticeable. i'll still see it though. poopies.

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