Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sunday morning

...by maroon 5
it's technically wednesday morning (since it's like 1:30am).
i finished my star wars sketch cards that i was working on! it's a bit later than i was hoping for but i do like the way they turned out. i mostly used my warm gray copics to make shadows and a few cool grays thrown in the mix. but the best part is that i managed to fix the crappy eye problem that my one card had! with a little white out and a lot of finesse, it all worked out and i was able to move on. i tend to get hung up on some of the little things. =)
my goal for the rest of the week and into my "weekend" (monday & tuesday) - i want to color the poison ivy pencil commission i did a couple months ago. i hope it turns out good enough for a print to be made of it! but with Halo Legends waiting for me in the other room, i'm not sure how things will pan out. ah well. i did get some nifty Twilight candies and the Twilight SceneIt game on the DS for valentine's day from the hubby. u win some and dimsum u lose! =P

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