Friday, June 17, 2011

abut [verb]

(uh-buht) - to be adjacent; touch or join at the edge or border

thanx to theFranchize's consecutive late-night caricature gigs at after-prom parties this weekend, i've had loads of time to myself. and with that, apparently, comes productivity! who knew! as u can tell, i have finally added more than the 1 trial page on this website of mine. my progress started out as just a page for the commission info so i have someplace online i can direct folks to for pricing. then i needed to put samples up, so i did. then once i was done, i went Gump on myself and figured "well, i've gotten this far. i may as well keep going." and many hours later, i got my pages and links and whatnot up! yay me! the gallery definitely needs more tlc but formatting the pictures to fit properly was a pain in the ass. it's a work in progress.
these images are for the latest ebay commission i did. it's of Magik from X-Men (Colossus's sister). i drew her before for a different client, but that time she had goat legs. i was very pleased to hear from this client that he wanted her to have regular legs. goat legs are hard! =( well, they are for me, anyway. below are my progression shots, from pencils, to flat colors, to shadows, to highlights. i think i'm finally getting more comfortable with coloring this way and they're starting to look much like what i see in my head. i went with a white bg for this cuz i've been doing a lot of darker bgs as of late. i liked it so much, i turned it into a wallpaper for my desktop. =)

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Jac V. said...

looks nice! of course i love it - anything x-related holds a special place in my heart! thanks for not making her boobs huge :)