Thursday, June 16, 2011

brindled [adjective]

(BRIN-dld) - gray or tawny with darker streaks or spots

i actually KNEW that word of the day! that's the first. thanks to me working at a dog kennel for a couple years. =)

just thought i'd share what i'm currently working on. now before u get the wrong impression, that's not actually the paper i'm drawing on. i was trying out some effects on my camera phone with this new app i downloaded and that's what that is. i'm drawing the cover to my mini artbook that i'm hoping to have with me going into San Diego Comic Con. i'll be handing them out to some publishers and whatnot that i meet over there. then if i have any left over, i'll be selling them online and at comic cons that i'll be attending this year. i hope the cover turns out as cool as i hope in my head. which, btw, hardly ever happens. cross ur fingers!

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