Wednesday, January 4, 2012

everytime i close my eyes

sung by Babyface & Mariah Carey (apparently there's a version without mariah carey in it, but i like this one better)

for some odd reason, this hook to this song is playing - nay, looping - in my head all morning. no idea why. i didn't hear it yesterday. but ah well. it happens a lot with me.

this is a better shot of my Lali doll that the hubby commissioned for me for Christmas. the artist's deviantart name is misscoffee. she does tons of cute plushies so definitely check her out. super talented, it just amazes me.

i forgot to post these. these were little figurines that me & theFranchize made for our friend and studiomate Flash of him and his family (and their new car). we gave it to them for their 10yr wedding renewal cuz we wanted to give em something different. got the blank figures from Target and used markers to color them - mostly sharpies cuz they showed up better.

this was my December cover for the Supergirl radio show for this would be for episode #56. i had to stop for a couple of months because of NYCC and the move so Flash was gracious enough to draw the covers for me during that time. so this is my first one back. she's supposed to be doing her freezy breath but i know she looks more like she's doing a sonic scream. i initially had it where the rings didn't show so much but it looked funny to me so i went with this look. i'll do better next time, i promise.


Jac V. said...

OMG!!!!! Those figures are SO AWESOME!!! Can you do us!??! LOL Our 7th anniversary is coming up (Saturday!)!! :D haha j/k... I am so jealous of Flash!!!!

Also, I checked out that gal's deviantart site... her stuff is so cute and cool!!!!

theFranchize said...

dude, u r in for a treat! ;D (it may just come a weeee bit after ur actually anniversary.)

Peng-Peng said...

CRAP! i didn't realize i was still signed in as theFranchize. =P that comment was actually me. KAKAKA