Wednesday, February 15, 2012

walking in my shoes

sung by depeche mode

HEY! so my BFF jacy pointed me to this contest on and thought i should give it a shot. i guess they have challenges every so often and this one is called "Threadless Loves Pinups." so i says what the heck! and i submitted! since i didn't have time before the challenge ended to draw something new, i decided to submit ones i've drawn already.

first design
 here's a link to this one -

second design
 here's a link to the second one -

if ur diggin em, please go to each of their links and score it. from what i understand, a panel of judges will determine the winning design(s) so the scoring isn't going to determine it. BUT what it WILL do is make me feel tons better if folks score it well. and nice comments also make me feel better though i think u have to be signed up on that website to do that.
these are also on the right side of my blog so u can get to them that way =>

there are some really cool entries in there that would make for some nifty shirts. tell ur friends to score too! =) (well, if u want to. i don't like to be pushy.)

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Jac V. said...

LOVE THEM!!! I voted. I will send the links to a few peeps I know who have threadless accounts... You also need to create a FB post, so I can "share" it on my page. Speaking of FB, ID comics needs a FB page!! Whut up with that?! :)