Wednesday, March 21, 2012

back to the start

by lily allen

we just came from the Super Pet Expo this weekend and theFranchize & Flash drew lots of doggies & kitties. so clearly, i haven't been able to do much work over the weekend. then this weekend, there's a cake show i'm going to with my sister (UH, YES PLEASE!) and the Annapolis Comic Con. originally i wasn't going to be able to make it to the Annapolis Con at all but it looks like i'll be there on Sunday. WOOT!! last year was pretty cool so it should be fun times this year as well. if ur in the area, definitely go! it's small but it seems to be growing quite rapidly. and of course, we'll be there! KAKAKA

my brain's been pretty mushy all week. its amazing how much time gets eaten up from just writing/responding to emails. and of course today i wake up with a lovely neck and head ache. but that's the fun part about working for urself - u can't really call out sick. =P anyways, just wanted to quickly share what's on my drawing table today. getting started on a couple of commissions to get people what they want. these lovely ladies ain't drawin themselves. (and if they did, then i'd be out of a job. that's not a good look.)

in other news, i've just signed up for a couple of new sketchcard sets from Cryptozoic. not sure if we're allowed to announce what they are yet, but just know that i'm super excited about em. i know, i'm sorry, i hate it when people say "i got some great news! but i can't tell u what it is yet!" too. but i'm just so excited i couldn't contain it. no worries, u'll be the first to know when we're allowed to say it.

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