Wednesday, April 4, 2012

never gonna give you up

by rick astley
(and if u didn't know that, for shame! j/k, sorta. teehee)

oh my gosh, i can't tell u how ridiculously busy we've been these past 3-4 weeks. i'm on the verge of curling up in a ball and just cry from all the tight deadlines but i suppose its a decent problem to have. as it is, i'm stealing a couple of minutes from what i'm doing right now to share what's on my drawing table. that's right folks, FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES #1 from BOOM! Studios! this is the first big published comic that my hubby theFranchize drew (and i did some inks assists in there too). today was the release day but even before it was released it had to go into a second printing because it was sold out. which i guess means that comic shops ordered so much of it in anticipation of the release. how flippin sweet!!
SOOOOO if u haven't picked up ur copy already, go get one!! (please.) fun art, zombies, comic con - what's not to like! its written by Sam Humphries who is a pretty big deal. great writing in there too. obviously with all the guts the zombies are eating (and a few choice "grown up words") it's not really for kids. but for everyone else, its just right.
now i must go back to color flatting these pages before i get yelled at. @_@

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Jac V. said...

YAY!!! Congrats guys!!!!! :)