Wednesday, April 18, 2012

do me

by bell biv devoe [and to think i was only like 10 yrs old when i was singing this. tsk tsk]

i didn't really get to take a lot of pictures at C2E2. and i wish i could say that it was due to being so ridiculously bogged down by commissions, but truth be told i didn't do any the entire weekend. NONE. that's unheard of. but before i let myself slip into despair, it was clear that the crowd at C2E2 was just something we've never experienced before. the vibe in there was extremely positive and everyone was having a great time. and everyone that came by were lovin everything we had on the table, but nobody was buying anything.
still, despite the weird love/hate relationship my ego had with this show, it was really fun. got to hang out with cool folks, got to meet new ones, and everyone in the studio made some good connections. it was good in its own way.
i still haven't had a chance to get the few pictures i do have on my camera off of it yet so i'm posting the new pinup i drew of Lali, my original character. we used the poster to promote our "Brotherhood of Fighters" comic we'll be premiering the week of San Diego Comic Con. it's going to start as a webcomic, then we'll produce it as a collected graphic novel later on. we have BIG plans and it starts with a free comic for all to enjoy!

since this month's Supergirl #60 cover for was due right before we left for C2E2, i had zero time to whip one up. so this was all i could muster at about 4am. and though it may look like a cheap solution, i did draw it all digitally. which i've never done before. so that was kinda exciting. didn't know i had it in me. =P hopefully, the next time i do this, it'll be better.

other than the con, i've really been spending tons of my time trying to get projects completed. we have a large project we're working on providing illustrations for an RPG game of sorts. we just finished TWO comics for 2 different independent publishers. we're elbow deep in a storyboarding-type project. and the cherries on top are sketchcards. lots and lots of em. i'm trying to steal moments away from them to update this and share with you, but sometimes i just work all day and forget i have to eat. not cool. i'll upload pics from C2E2 later on.

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