Monday, April 30, 2012

miss you much

by janet jackson

i have some vector art on my table right now. unfortunately i can't show any of it. sigh story of my life. BUT i can show u a couple of commissions i've recently completed. =) above is a AP card from the Iron Man 2 set that someone requested. and since he asked for my favorite X-men character, Rogue, well i was more than happy to put in a little extra love on it. (plus he paid for it, so yeah. kakaka) as usual, i used pens and copic markers. i've recently started using my new Copic Multiliner SP pens and they're great cuz they don't smudge when i use the markers. and with these, they're refillable so i can just buy the refill bullets instead of brand new pens all the time.

next up, i did these two pieces for the same client i did the Jessica Rabbit & Poison Ivy recently. if u haven't noticed, all of the ones i've done for him has had the same look. black & white with pops of some type of reddish color. they're always from a photo that the client had and i use the pose to draw from.
the first one, the Supergirl, was an idea he asked for specifically. it was inspired by another artist's work where they drip paint and it forms parts of their clothes. so please don't judge me and think i stole this other artist's ideas. they asked me to do it, i swear! ;P
the second one isn't of any specific character. she was inspired by the lady tattoo artist from the NY Ink show (her name is Megan), but its not her. the woman in the original photo was just a pretty nekkid lady with a teddy bear. but i wanted to grunge it up a bit. i really like how this turned out.

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Unknown said...

Great art!! I like the style of these images. Among the all vector images free my favorite are the anime images like a yours.