Tuesday, March 6, 2012


by kanye west

been wanting to run away from responsibilities but i already know how that lesson ends - it'll bite u in the butt. =P i just felt this song was fitting for my current mood. it's all good, i still get my 3-4 hours of zelda gaming around midnite. yeah i'm up till 4a, but its a small price to pay for this current addiction. kekeke

anyways, these are all the cards i drew for 5Finity Production's Shi card set. the four seasons idea was courtesy of one of my fav fans of my sketchcards. it helped set the tone for many of the other ones. (can't see the snow on the winter card's scan though. it's there i swear.) thanx adam!

i just finished this commission as well. i've drawn a couple of other fantasy-related commissions for this client before. the 3-headed cat lady is something that i think he came up with. basically i'm here to translate his ideas to paper. =)

up next, i gots lots of vectoring to do for a different project. yays!

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Jac V. said...

I really like the last couple a' rows on the sketchcards... the black, white and red look nice! The others are nifty too, of course... :)