Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 1 graphic novel
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol 1

these are on my art table today. SUPER excited about the Fanboys Vs Zombies graphic novel. i think it just came out last week or so and we only just picked it up from our favorite comic shop yesterday. it's the first 4 issues collected in this graphic with the Humberto Ramos cover from the first issue. it's really kinda surreal to be a part of a graphic like this, but i could totally get used to it. =P so go grab a copy from ur local comic shop and get caught up! OR u can order it from Amazon too -
http://www.amazon.com/dp/1608862895/ref=cm_sw_su_dp (if the link doesn't work for some reason, just search for it. pops up first.)
also, i guess they're releasing a new set of Sailor Moon mangas that should be better translated than what we got back in the 90s. it's thanks to Sailor Moon that i even got into anime (and my BFF for introducing me to it). i'm hoping that with these new better versions of the mangas, that they may re-release the series on DVD/BluRays again. cuz even though i was enthralled by the DiC production of the tv show, i was all types of blown away when i found out how much they completely fuddled with the actual show. of course, this was when anime stuff was only just starting to make its way to the US mainstream tvs. if i tell kids these days how we used to have to trade VHS tapes through online bulletin board systems (BBS) to watch new anime series, i'm pretty sure their minds would melt.
anyways, they also just came out with the Sailor V mangas which, if i understand correctly, was never released in the US. (don't quote me on that though, that's just what i read on the internet.) my old teenage self just got giddy again.

these are recent commissions i finished for a repeat client. these character designs are all his, i just put pencil to paper. =) "your will, my hands." (hundred cool points go to whoever knows what that quote is from.)

as far as the title of this post, i'm just feeling very behind on my personal projects. i was going through some emotional artist blocks last week and i have yet to do some of my personal projects. of course, it doesn't help that i can't seem to wake up before noon or go to bed before 3:30am lately. if i were on the west coast, this would be perfect. but seein as how i don't, my internal clock is just flipped upside down. goal this week - put a dent into these personal projects.

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