Wednesday, January 23, 2013


[listening to "the people" by common]


i was boosted earlier today after hearing "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan on my pandora radio. it's funny, i used to hate that song when it was popular, probably cuz the radio stations tend to play one song too much. now, it's not often that i hear it so when i do, it gets me goin.

anyways, thought i'd share what's on my art table today. workin on a sketchcard for a client. got the preliminary pink pencils on it, which is like half the battle for me. from here on out, it's easy-peasy. =P the rest of the images were warm-up sketches i did before drawing the card. just like with any warm-up exercising, it helps to do these to get me in the right mindframe for the task.

with these warm-ups, i was focusing on getting better at drawing butt-shots. i think i only just came to the realization that my modesty hinders my ability to look at certain body parts. namely crotches and nipples. which is why i try to avoid drawing those things in detail. but its all anatomy, right? so i should get over it, no? anyways, its a process and i'm trying. still makes me blush when i have to stare and draw those parts. all i know is that my idol, Olivia, isn't afraid of it. i imagine she'd tell me to man up! =P

the last sketch is me working out something else that i'm really struggling with - foreshortening. sigh.

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Jac V. said...

Your buttcheek sketches look very bootylicious!:) You know we have this stupid tax commercial that plays down here, maybe up there too, that shows people dancing in slo-mo and "This is How We Do It" playing in the background... like people having fun getting their taxes done or some stupid shit because doing taxes is never fun. But YEAH!! I know! Like the song was so silly back when it came out, but now there's something about it that makes you want to sing it all day long!