Monday, February 4, 2013


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Finished AP sketchcard of Spider-Woman Ultimate

sorry for the online silence this past week but i'm back and ready to get stuff done! the hubby and i went on a little vacay last week. started out as a family vacation w/ my fam, but the majority of them backed out so it turned into more of a relaxing getaway. we took the opportunity to enjoy doing nothing for a couple of days. unfortunately, however, there was shoddy reception on our phones and zero data comin in. meaning no way to reach the social networks and emails bounced back like bullets to superman. how did we live like this before!?! insanity.
anyways, this is gonna be a short work week for us since we're headin out to a pet expo in NJ this weekend. the guys are drawin caricatures of doggies (and other types of pets)! so much fun while we're there but it's really exhausting. we're there for 10 hours each day and pretty much non-stop drawin and sellin. good for the pockets, not so good for the buttcheeks & back. =P i'm going to rework the Big Heads Little Bodies Caricatures website this week before we leave. so not so much drawing from me this week, just behind-the-scenes boring productivity. story of my life.

thought i'd share. this is a pic of me and the hubby that we took for the person that bought this original "Fanboys Vs Zombies" page on ebay. (they asked us for a picture holding the page, we didn't just take it cuz we got big egos or nothin.) we're so very grateful for our fans. seemed like it was just yesterday when we were drawing X-Men and Sailor Moon doodles in our notebooks in high school, now we're sellin original pages. =)

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Jac V. said...

Awww... that's a cute pic of you two! Kind of an odd request from the buyer, but it's really cool that you did it! :)