Thursday, February 7, 2013


[listening to "if it isn't love" by new edition]
we're about to go out of town in the morning for our first Super Pet Expo of the year in Edison, NJ. theFranchize and Flash draw pet caricatures at this expo. they have so many talents. i get to take the money and keep tabs on sales this time. (which is funny because normally i get somewhat offended by people assuming that i'm only at the artist alley tables at comic cons to collect the money for my male studiomates. this time it's actually true and i ain't ashamed!) if you live in Edison, NJ and looking to do something fun with your pet, head out to the Super Pet Expo! it's a great place to bring your pets and spend frivolously on them, and then find our booth and get a caricature done!

i didn't wanna leave without a quick update. aside from finishing up Fanboys Vs Zombies issue #12 inks, i've just finished updating the our caricature business's website! now it's more focused on the two guys specifically instead of selling the services of an entertainment agency. anyways, since i had no drawings to show, this is all i gots. =P so if you're in their service area and looking for caricatures, visit the site and call em!

with that said, i'm finally done for the night! see u all next week!

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