Thursday, February 21, 2013

new thing

here's something new!  theFranchize and i will be attending Emerald City Comic Con for the first time ever at the end of the month! we are super excited to be going that it's tough to contain! BOOM! Studios, the friendly folks that bring you Fanboys Vs Zombies and Adventure Time comics, are flying us all the way to Seattle, WA to sign stuff and sketch even more stuff all weekend. with our strict schedule at the booth, neither of us will have any time to do any personal commissions at the show. soooo, we've decided to try a pre-convention commission list starting now until next Wednesday, Feb. 27th. if you want to get a commission from me, get on my list now and you can pick up your piece from me at the show! interested? here are details.
  • full-body commission (prices are per character) - $100 for color | $50 for black & white
  • waist-up commission (prices are per character) - $50 for color | $25 for black & white
  • what to expect - full-body commissions are drawn on 11x14" smooth bristol | waist-up commissions are drawn on 8.5x11" smooth cardstock | little to no backgrounds (backgrounds are an additional fee - contact me for more info) | my con commissions are colored with copic markers
  • payment - i take Paypal for this only. i do ask for full payment up front instead of at the show. it's absolutely nothing personal. i just want to make sure that if i draw for someone, they really want it.
  • pick-up - you can pick up your finished commission from me as early as the Friday of the show. if you contact me next Wednesday evening with a commission request, then i may have to take your piece to finish after the first day of the show, in which case you can pick it up on Saturday. you can find me at the BOOM Studios booth sketching up Adventure Time covers OR possibly hanging out with theFranchize as he draws zombie sketches on the FVZ  side. if you can't pick up your piece for some reason at the show, email me and i'll contact you when i get back home so we can work out details then.
  • want one? email me at! 
again, i will NOT be able to draw any personal commissions at the show and the likelihood of drawing one at the end of the day is slim. we are at the mercy of BOOM - what they say, goes! so if you want a commission from me, now's the time. =)


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