Tuesday, February 5, 2013


(i reblogged this image from BleedingCool.com. for their full article, go to http://bcool.bz/12pLYdS)

i don't usually do this on my blog but this morning, this image just kinda ruffled my feathers a bit when i saw it. so please allow me to vent for just a sec before i get back into drawing.

u know, no matter how much i like a Kenneth Rocafort's art, and other male artists for that matter (cuz there's lots of them), i always forget that they're still dudes. they know sexy, but only through their eyes. i'm not saying this is true of all male artists, by any means. but if you've been at comic cons' artist alleys, then you know what i mean. when some women draw sexy women (and again, this isn't true of all women artists), there's a softness to their female figures. they're sexy in a more underlying fierce way that isn't outwardly obvious. kinda like a tiger crouched to pounce. u know the tiger's going to kill, but he doesn't stomp around like an elephant (which, ironically, wouldn't kill another creature for food).

look, i'm no writer so my analogies and references aren't so great. i'm just speaking from the heart here, shootin from the hip. i'm RUFFLED, for pete's sake.

anyways, u know what i'm sayin! but with THIS image, there's nothing ROMANTIC about what they're doing. just cuz they're kissing doesn't mean its romantic. the industry always wonder why women don't read more comics. its cuz of crap like this! it's a huge turnoff, especially on the cover of a huge publishing company with two of its biggest star players. why can't they treat Wonder Woman with respect?! since when do women kiss men with their one leg up around his waist?? who does this?! and it certainly doesn't help that she wears what she wears cuz now her ass is sticking out! don't get me wrong, i'm a HUGE advocate of what some may call "the swimsuit" on WW. but when u draw her in these positions, her ass is sticking out, plain and simple.

is this image passionate? yes. maybe even aggressive. but romantic? no, i don't think so. men and women have been kissin since whenever ur personal religious/spiritual beliefs tell u they've been on the face of the earth. we have got to know the difference between romantic and aggressive by now. i mean c'mon, this is ME writing this. i'm all about sexy women doing sexy things in my drawings. but there's something unappealing to me when i see my favorite superheroine doing something overtly sexy for the sake of shock value to my favorite superhero. this would all be fixed if they gave her a little respect and put her leg down. this image isn't about love, it's sex. let's just call a spade a spade here. again, Rocafort's art - i love it. great stuff! he's an amazing artist. but at the end of the day, he's a dude that can draw women really well and dudes draw women the way they wish they were. and even still, this isn't really his fault. cuz i know it had to go through lots of editors, all of whom gave it 2 thumbs up.

so once again, thank you DC Comics, for reminding why i don't bother to buy your comics. it's been a while since my eyes bled from the sight of Catwoman doin Batman on the rooftops that only a true slut could in my comic book. i almost started to think maybe it was just a one time deal. but nope, instead of having a romantic relationship with another superhero, i see they're still just bumpin uglies like a soap opera and then switching off. others may be fine with this idea that superheroes can't be for kids anymore and everything has to be catered to 18+ age group. but for me, there's always a time and a place for all things. and lately all i've been seein is sexy time.

rant ended. back to work. sorry guys.