Tuesday, February 19, 2013


[listening to "turning page" by Sleeping At Last]

ok so after spending the first half of the day battling a monster of a migraine, the excedrin finally kicked in and i was able to finish ONE thing. sigh. i feel pretty exhausted, mostly from the miserable part of my day. i didn't get to do any warm-up sketches like i wanted either. lame.
anyways, so this is the only thing i have to show for now. we did the VA Comicon this Sunday and i did another commission there for the super-swell-guy Tom King (author of "A Once Crowded Sky"). this is his original character Mashallah (i think that's her name). we were originally supposed to do another one-day con up in PA (which had an ice festival alongside it) but because of a loss in the family last week, we really had to stay a little closer to home. hopefully we'll make it up to those who were looking for us at the other con when Wizard World Philly comes around or something.

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