Thursday, January 10, 2013


[listening to "northern lights" by cider sky]

got lots of stuff done today that i have been meaning to all week. u may notice that i finally have a proper working twitter feed widget on the right. and if u scroll all the way to the bottom, i have my Instagram widget down there. i know most people probably don't scroll all the way to the bottom, but for those that do, there's a nice treat for em! =P

i swear when u work from home, time flies completely differently. i guess it doesn't so much "fly" for me as it does "meld." cuz i have no idea what day it is most of the time. it's just i get up, do work, play some late night CoD (call of duty), sleep, then repeat.

anyways, on one of my self-imposed official days off this week, the hubby and i did a Disney doodling day. we were supposed to doodle whatever disney film we turned on, starting with Mulan. but he was being uncooperative and decided to draw other disney stuff like Darkwing Duck and moved onto Superman (cuz that's his "default setting"). and tho his darkwing duck stuffs were pretty great, he still cheated! i started with Mulan, then moved onto some Little Mermaid (cuz i think that's my "default setting"). there are a bunch of other sketches in there too that were from warm up sketches. the octopus lady actually just started out as a study of octopus (cuz i wanna learn how to draw those funky tentacles) but the lady somehow ended up underneath. i have no idea where its from except i probably saw something similarly-themed on deviantart. but i don't really know for sure. i may take it a step further and do actual colors on it at some point.

and yes, i sketch with red and blue pencils. no real reason except that i just see it better.

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