Friday, June 14, 2013


[listening to "ghosts" by james vincent mcmorrow]

normally i try not to post so late in the day, especially not on a friday. mostly cuz statistically speaking less people see these posts. must be cuz everyone's got lives whereas i'm just sittin at home drawing on a friday night. =/ but i digress! i am feeling restless because the hubby is out at a live caricature event all night and so there's no one but my dogs to talk to. i love em, but they're terrible conversationalists.
anyways, figured i'd post this new little experiment. it's a little doodle i submitted for the Girls Drawin Girls blog with this week's theme of "Tropical Paradise." i figured i'd throw a nod to my home land of the Philippines in there, since it's pretty tropical over there. the "mabuhay" in the sand means "long live" for those who don't know. it's kinda like the equivalent of "cheers" or "viva" (if u use those terms). it's a term to show hospitality or like during a toast. (if u ever watched a miss universe pageant, miss philippines will usually say it.) YES i was born there. YES i remember some of it. YES i've been back since we left, but only once. YES i can understand Tagalog and speak it (just at a level of a 7-year-old). NO i don't think i have an accent. =)

i didn't use any graphite this time. i used my usual pink pencil to sketch, then went in with my Deep Rose Derwent Inktense pencil. colored with copic markers and some white gel pen accents. then the blue and sand colors were actually watercolor. i fuddled with the levels and colors a bit in photoshop so it would pop more. my scanner tends to wash stuff out. then i digitally added a yellowish pattern over the whole thing for a deeper contrast. all of this is experimental. if i can perfect this, i may do color pieces at comic cons this way. (except probably minus the watercolor, cuz it just takes up too much space.)