Friday, January 24, 2014


[listening to "enjoy the silence" by depeche mode]
this is my 1st submission of the year to the Girls Drawin Girls blog's weekly theme. this week it's stockings. but since i don't really wear stockings - like ever - i figured i'd go with a stripy one for a not-so-typical gal. i don't usually give my drawings/sketches names, but if i did, this one would probably be called typical friday night. sketching and video games in bed - what else does one need?! and yes, i threw my chauncy in there again - this time on her hat. cuz they can't stop me! =P

used my derwent inktense pencils for this. tried a new "Carmine Pink" one that looks very red. =/ i have yet to find the correct pink color on these pencils. one day (and many dollars later) i'll find it.

u can check this out on the GDG blog - while ur there, check out the other lovely ladies of the group. they're pretty great!

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