Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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so i've decided that the title of my posts this year will be some word that is in the blog post itself. i won't be lame like using "THE" or "IS" cuz that means nothing. so today's post is MORE. cuz i got more #sketchesforhaiyan stuff to show! these are the rest of the ones i worked on. i had so much fun drawing these things that i may consider bringing this brown paper to cons to draw on this year.
i seem to have tapped into some niche that i didn't know i could do while i was drawing these sketches. i'm apparently pretty good with drawing people, mostly kids, with a cartoony look. didn't know i could do that! after i drew my first one, lots of folks took advantage of the sale and got one as christmas presents. and i gotta say, they turned out pretty cool! all of the ones above are of real people/kids.

if u wanna see ALL of the sketches done, head on over to our studio's facebook page - while ur there, give us a LIKE why don't ya! =)

not that he needs any extra press, but i just have to give my boo theFranchize a shoutout! did u guys know he did a fill-in issue of Sonic the Hedgehog #255?! it came out last month but with all the hubub of the holidays and the emergency hospital stay, i didn't get to post about it. it's so amazing to see him draw a book of a character that i've pretty much grown up with. it's pretty surreal. it should be at local comic shops so definitely check it out. he's like the Jay-Z to my Beyonce'. =D 

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