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sketches for haiyan

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my samples - 5.5x8.5" pencil headsketches
By now you probably have heard about the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines on the weekend of Nov 8th. Typhoon Haiyan was one of the largest storms ever recorded. Ever. Thousands of lives lost, millions of lives affected. I don’t have to retell the details, I’m sure you already know or can find more accurate sources online or on the news. The Philippines can use as much help as it can get. ID STUDIOS members are just trying to do their small part to give what we can, giving clothes and money. But we are only 3 people. So we’re calling out to our fans and friends to see if we can raise just a little bit more money to send aid to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos that have lost so much in this storm. 

So here’s what we’re doing. All 3 of us – Peng-Peng, theFranchize, and Flash – are doing Sketches For Haiyan. We will be giving single-character pencil headsketches for a donation of $26 (or more). The $6 will go towards shipping the sketch to you, the rest will go directly to a donation pool that we will be sending to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). We will be running this from today, Nov. 18th, to Dec. 2nd. Your donation to the PRC is hugely appreciated and these sketches are our way of saying THANK YOU. We are only doing single-character pencil headsketches for this because we are trying to get as many people to donate as we can. (If you want more than pencil headsketches, please feel free to contact us after Dec. 2nd and we will be happy to do it for you.) You can certainly donate more than once to get more than 1 sketch, but we ask that you donate at least $26 for each sketch. We will still only use $6 for each mailing address and the remainder will go directly to the PRC. If you feel compelled to donate more than $26 for a sketch, we would be very grateful. 

If you know us, then we hope that we’ve been able to show you that we can be trusted. In an effort to be as transparent and honest about this as we can, we will be posting names on of those that have donated (just the first name and last initial – we’re not trying to invade others’ privacy) and the total dollar amount we’ve received so far at the end of each week. That way, everyone knows exactly how much we have, exactly how much was used for shipping, and exactly how much was sent to the Philippine Red Cross.

We’re not a non-profit organization, we won’t have any forms to give you that you can use to write off your donations for tax purposes. (We’re sorry.) We’re just 3 people trying to draw sketches in exchange for donations towards disaster relief. If you are uncomfortable about this, we completely understand and we highly encourage you to please give your donations directly to the Philippine Red Cross or other organizations that will help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Your monetary donation does not have to come through us, as long as it gets to those in need.

Here are the details:

  • If you would like to make a donation to the Philippine RedCross and get a headsketch, you can contact INFO @ IDENTITYCOMICS.COM. Let us know which artist you’d like to draw your sketch and what character you’d like drawn.
  • Please send your donation of at least $26 for each sketch via PayPal AS A GIFT to INFO @ IDENTITYCOMICS.COM. If you would like to donate more, it would be greatly appreciated. We are asking that you send it as a GIFT so that PayPal will not take out any fees and ALL of your donation will go to the PRC. (We are only accepting donations through PayPal because we will use that to send directly to the PRC.)
  • When sending your donation AS A GIFT on PayPal, please give us the following information in your MESSAGE:  NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, CHARACTER YOU'D LIKE DRAWN, and ARTIST OF CHOICE 
  • We ask for at least $26 per sketch because $6 will go towards shipping. Shipping the sketches anywhere in the U.S. will be anywhere between $5.60-$5.95. Any cents left over after shipping will be included in the donation. ID STUDIOS will keep ZERO DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS from your donations. All of the money will go to the Philippine Red Cross.
  • We can only ship these to addresses in the U.S. We’re sorry we can’t ship these sketches internationally. Mainly because we won’t know how much that would add to the shipping.
  • All sketches will be drawn on 5.5x8.5” cardstock and shipped flat in a USPS flat rate envelope.
  • We will shoot to start shipping all artwork no later than Dec. 9th and everyone should receive these well before Christmas (in case you were thinking of gifting the sketch). 
  •  We’re asking you, our fans and friends, to please consider donating and telling others you know via social media. Please use #sketchesforhaiyan and #IDSTUDIOS on Twitter to spread the word. Every little bit is something huge for those that have nothing left. 
  • Donate AND get some art all at the same time. Everyone wins!!!

Feel free to visit our online portfolios/blogs to see samples of our work.
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