Wednesday, November 13, 2013


[listening to "let it snow" by boyz ii men & brian mcknight]

yes, HANGRY is a word! 

it's the third day and i have a brand new piece to show!!! Aspen Comics has some brand new Soulfire comics being released and i had the pleasure of drawing an exclusive cover for the first issue! the exclusive is for WV Pop Con! i finished this up last month but had to wait until now to show it online. =D

can i just tell u how neat that is! u may or may not know but i am a pretty big Michael Turner fan. he was one of the firsts that turned my head from anime art and got me to really care about comic art. (well, besides theFranchize, of course.) when he created Aspen, Grace was my favorite Turner character. unfortunately, once he got sick and they changed artists, it really didn't have the same impact for me. when he passed, it was like he took all that i loved about the character with him. i did one fan art of Grace while he was still alive but never again since. so even though i've stopped reading Soulfire, getting the opportunity to draw this still holds a special place in my artistic heart.

i'm not sure how you can go about snagging urself a copy, but once i do i will let the whole world know. as it is, i haven't gotten a copy of this yet myself. once i do though, i'll be sure to bring them with me to cons next year.

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