Friday, November 15, 2013


[listening to "happy christmas (war is over)" by maroon 5]


it's the last day of my daily posting this week. i hope i've made up for my lack of posting these past couple of weeks. as u can see, it's not because i was slackin and not drawin. i swear i'm doing stuff! i mean, do i shoot zombies on Call of Duty every now and again? YES. but if i didn't, noone will!

today's art is a commission i finished about a week ago. someone asked me to draw Dean Yeagle's Mandy in a very classic Mandy situation. it was totally my cup o' tea and i really enjoyed drawing it. may be one of my best butt-shots i've done. right up there with my Harley Quinn butt-shot. =P
i drew this on 11x14 bristol. went straight from graphite to coloring on photoshop.

as far as my blog title today, i'm just nervous because i'm trying to organize a fundraising thing with my studiomates to raise money to donate to the Philippine Red Cross because of Typhoon Haiyan. luckily, none of my family members (that i know of) were in the affected areas but there are thousands that are not so fortunate. i'm trying to get the details worked out but once i do, i'll post it here first. it's not going to be some big huge massive event because frankly i just don't know how that will work. we're just counting on our fans to donate and in return we'll be drawing stuff for em! we're doing what we can with our limited means. i know the people devastated by the typhoon can use all the help they can get, no matter how small.

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