Monday, January 20, 2014


so it's 2014 already. not only that, it's well into January. i apologize for not having updated since before Christmas. if u follow me on twitter or facebook, u may have heard that my hubby had some serious medical stuff happen and was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year. i'm not really comfortable talking about it in too much detail in such a public capacity. but he is doing much better now and we're back on our grind. the end of the year was really heavy and we've had to make some major life adjustments.
i've been focused on making sure he gets healthier so my online outlets have been neglected because of that. however, since he's doing better we've been able to do more work. we've even wrapped up the first issue of the new book LOKI:RAGNAROK AND ROLL published by BOOM! Studios. Jerry's drawing it and i'm inking over him again. we're joined by the talented Gabriel Cassata on colors this time and it's looking so so pretty. as a matter of fact, Jerry and Eric Esquivel (writer of "Loki:Ragnarok and Roll") will be on tonight's episode of Comicosity's The Hangout. and i'm thinkin about crashing it! (well, i guess it's not crashing it cuz they said i can jump in.) the episode should be posted on their website by tomorrow and i will provide a link to it on here. if ur already subscribed to the Moms Read Comics' YouTube channel, then you can catch us on it LIVE tonite at 9p. we'll be talking about the new book as well as other nerdy things for all our fellow nerds out there!

since i never got to post about it on this blog, here are some of the #sketchesforhaiyan that i did. did i tell u guys how flippin amazing and grateful i am for all the support!?! i had way more requests to draw sketches for u guys than my fellow studiomates. i know it's not a competition or anything, but if it was i would've totally won! ;P all kidding aside, thank you all so much for your generosity. together we were able to raise $776 from a bunch of $20 sketches! after shipping costs, we were able to donate $692.70 (or 29,807.50 PHP!) to the Philippine Red Cross to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan! u guys are all heroes in my book!

if u wanna see ALL of the sketches done, head on over to our studio's facebook page - while ur there, give us a LIKE why don't ya! =)

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