Tuesday, April 8, 2014


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since Awesome Con is less than 2 weeks away, i figured this is as good a time as any to share this with ya! this is the badge design i did for this year's con for the CONCERNED CITIZENS tier. if u didn't know already, Awesome Con ran a kickstarter last year after its inaugural show to make the convention bigger this year. different tiers of kickstarter backers gets certain perks on top of just tickets to the show.
this is the first time i've designed a badge for the show and i was super happy to do it! i took my inspiration from Alex Ross's Justice League images. to me, his Justice League posters are the most iconic imagery of superheroes at their most heroic. tried to convey the whole "concerned citizens" thing so i decided to go with either civilian clothes or classic cosplayers. of course, i had to make sure the cosplayers were recognizable enough but not breaking any licensed characters rules. had to throw in some iconic DC buildings in the back cuz this is the only con in Washington, DC.
i'm really looking forward to this show for many reasons, main one is that last year was such a great show! i think everyone in this area has been hungry for a big comic con and Baltimore may be a little far for some. i can't wait to see folks with their Peng badges. =) the rest of my IDSTUDIOS crew also designed other badges so we couldn't be more boosted for this show if we tried.

on top of this, i'll also have my Awesome Con Exclusive Cover for My Little Pony:Friends Forever Issue #1! lots of fun times are up ahead!

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