Thursday, April 3, 2014


[listening to "this is how we do" by katy perry]

commissions done at Megacon 2014

just thought i'd share some pics from Megacon weekend. if u couldn't tell, we had a friggin BLAST! we did some Downtown Disney after the con. then on the day we flew out, we decided to do Universal Islands of Adventure and i finally made my pilgrimage to Harry Potter World! it was a little small for my personal taste. they just need to shut down the whole "Secret World" section or even the entire other side of the park and just make it all Harry Potter! that's where most people were anyways.
we have more pics from Megacon on our studio's facebook page - while ur there, give us a LIKE and follow us won't ya! we definitely update our personal twitter/instagram stuff more frequently, but the facebook page is where we announce studio activity like projects we're working on or interviews we've done. YAYS!

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