Wednesday, April 16, 2014


[listening to "pretty hurts" by beyonce]
*UPDATED MAP!* We will now be at Tables 439/538
Awesome Con is already this weekend!!! i don't know how shows sneak up on me every single time but it totally does. love this con! it's in my home of Washington, DC so for once i won't feel like a stranger in a strange land. this is only the 2nd year for this convention and already its leaps and bounds bigger than the first. me and the IDSTUDIOS CREW will be set up in a pretty big booth this time so if ur comin to the show, come by Tables 439/538 and say hi! =) i got to do a badge design and an exclusive MLP cover, what's not to love about this con!

i've been so durned busy trying to get stuff finished before heading out to the show. i don't know how this happens but somehow all of my projects are ALL due before the show. some of it may have something to do with my tendency to procrastinate, but not all of it! so i may be off the social grid all week, but i should be good to go this weekend.

i'll see u all in DC!

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