Saturday, March 29, 2014


[listening to "one in a million" by aaliyah]
if u follow me on twitter (and i hope that u do) u may know by now that i have finally decided to set up an Etsy shop. why'd it take me so long? 2 reasons. 1-i'm always late to new tech. 2-i thought it was mostly for handcrafted items like jewelry or clothes. i had no idea that many of my fellow comic artists/illustrators sell their prints on there too. (that links back to my 1st reason.)

so after looking at some of my favorite artists' shops like Brittney Lee and Genevieve FT, i managed to put mine together. i'll be putting up more of my prints that i have available next week but i had to get the shop together quickly so i can put the URL on my new biz cards. had to order those asap to get them in time for Awesome Con next month.

the prints i'm putting up will be pretty much the same ones that i bring with me to comic cons and events. this way, if i'm not coming to a con near u, u can still get the prints from me! or if u saw me but ran out of munnies at the show, u can order online! YAYS! i also plan on putting any available art books, but right now i only have 5 left of my 2013 Art Mignons books which i'll be bringing to Awesome Con. once i make a new book for this year, i can offer that in my store. i may even offer up originals on the store. i'll have to see if people are even interested in getting that from me.

on a side note, i'm amazed at the amount of utter plagiarism that goes on on that site though. i guess as artists, we're responsible for making sure we police that type of stuff on our own. but i'm just taken aback by how people can claim creation of something but knowing they've ripped off someone else's creativity. then sell it like its their own. i wish we can just respect each other more. not just in the art community but in every facet of our lives. but that's a whole different ball of cheese altogether, grasshopper!

anyways, please visit my Etsy Shop - and happy shopping!

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