Friday, March 14, 2014

megacon pre-sale

[listening to Disney movie tunes]
our signing at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD
so i've been kinda under the weather and when i woke up, Megacon has become a week away! i could really use a trip to Orlando too. i think this last freezing temps has me dreaming of warmer weather. (or maybe i'm delirious from the sick. one can never tell.)
u may or may not know, but i have a hard time drawing commissions AT comic conventions. it's mostly cuz people are watching me and i get very nervous. but also cuz drawing with my head down prevents me from interacting with people and i hate to come off as not caring about the people coming up to the table. SO, with that in mind, i'm opening up a pre-sale of commissions for the show. if u were already thinking about getting a commission from me at the show, here's ur chance to get it and it'll be ready for u to pick up when u go to the show! below are the pricing for this year's convention commissions. if ur interested in getting on the pre-sale list, email me at  penelope @ identitycomics .com and we can talk about it!

(prices below are for single-character commissions on 9x12" bristol)

Waist-up commissions
$40 - *pencil sketches (on 8.5x11 brown cardstock)
$80 - black & white (inks & grays)
$120 - full colors

Full-body commissions
Add $40 to each price above

*pencil sketches - i've really started to enjoy drawing on this brown cardstock so this year i'm gonna try out doing commissions at cons this way if people are interested. personally, i think my art looks more natural this way when i'm drawing at shows so i wanted to offer it to folks that want it. 

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