Monday, March 10, 2014


[listening to "bed of roses" by bon jovi]

so it looks like My Little Pony:Friends Forever #1 came out late January and apparently so did my exclusive cover for it!!! i was so happy when the organizer for Awesome Con DC asked if i would do an exclusive cover for the con, which is coming up in April. i've only recently gotten an appreciation for the new take on My Little Pony cartoon. i'm definitely a child of the 80s and those were my ponies.
they asked if i could give it a Washington, DC flavor and since i'm from the area i was like HECK YEAH! had to throw in that pony selfie. cuz that's what the kids are doin these days. =P at any rate, i will be selling copies of these at whatever cons i'm going to be at this year. and it all starts with Megacon, which is next week already! how?!?! if ur in the Orlando area, please come by and see us in Artist Alley. we haven't been back to Megacon since the first time we went which was all the way in 2008. i have no idea what to expect. i hope we don't bomb. it would make going to Downtown Disney very difficult to pay for.

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