Friday, July 18, 2014


[listening to "no scrubs" by TLC]

so its been a while since i've updated this thing. not cuz i don't love it, cuz i do. but i've been working on things that i'm not allowed to show. so what else is new. plus i've been super duper bummed as i realize more and more that i won't make it to SDCC this year. a PSA for u kids out there - u can achieve anything u want if u put ur mind and heart into it unless u don't have money. sometimes dreams win, sometimes money wins. this time money won. (or rather, lack thereof.)

instead of dwelling on how bummed i am about it, i just wanna share some recent sketches! i've been posting doodles on my instagram and my twitter, but i really should post em here too. can't neglect my art table! some of these are for sketch_dailies, some are just random doodles.

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