Tuesday, August 12, 2014

100 days

[listening to "underdog" by imagine dragons]

since there are a few things i'm working on that i'm not allowed to show right now, i've decided to take a challenge from my studiomate Flash to do 100 days of sketching. i think it was more of a challenge for himself, but i took it anyways. whatevs. he doesn't mind. i need more practice on a daily basis anyways. now it just comes with a spiffy hashtag - #100daysofsketches. i'm posting them mostly on my Instagram, then i tweet em out. if u follow me on either of those outlets, then u know what i'm talking about. if not, well, now u know! i still participate in #sketch_dailies from time to time, but this gives me a goal.

as most people know by now, the news of Robin Williams's tragic death has shocked the world. i'm not one to think that celebrities are better than us "normies" and therefore their birth and death deserve extra attention. but this particular celebrity's death makes me very sad, in a way that i can't really explain even to myself. what i do understand is that he's been a large part of the things that i love since my childhood, and that i will continue to love until i die. so knowing that he's gone seem unreal, despite the fact that i haven't enjoyed much of his most recent work. it's like losing a really cool uncle. i guess? i said i can't explain it, and yet here i am trying. blah.
everyone's got their own lists of favorite Robin Williams stuff, and i imagine mine is very similar to others.
The Birdcage - gosh i love that movie. it doesn't matter how many times in a month/week/day that movie comes on, if i happen to see it on while channel surfing i WILL watch it. it matters even less at what point the movie is in, i'll watch till it's done. and don't let it be on back to back like A Christmas Story, i'll watch it all over again!
Aladdin - that movie wouldn't have been remotely even half as great if he wasn't Genie. heck, i'm pretty sure the 2nd movie backed that fact. the only problem i have with his performance in that movie is that when i stumbled upon his actual comedy stand-up, my ears bled. Genie! kiss ur genie-momma with that mouth?!
Mrs. Doubtfire - c'mon! only Robin Williams could pull that off. dude dressed as an old heavy nanny from England but NOT have it be weird or creepy?! perfection!
Popeye! Robots!
but the one that will always hold a near and dear special place in my heart will always be HOOK. that's how i'll always remember him.

so the top image is my Day 6 of #100daysofsketches, which coincides with #sketch_dailies. the rest of the images below are from my previous 5 days.

Day 5 (mixed w/ #7daysofcolor from Victoria Ying's IG)
Day 4
Day 3

Day 2 (part 1)
Day 2 (part 2)
Day 1
feel free to join me and the ID STUDIOS crew on this 100-day challenge. follow me on Instagram - @p_e_n_g and join in!

sorry for the bummer stuff about Robin Williams. it's cuz i'm bummed about it.

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