Tuesday, March 24, 2015

new stuff

[listening to "party all the time" by eddie murphy]

 i've been super busy tryin to get ready for Emerald City Comicon and at the same time meeting these Bill and Ted deadlines (plus other personal life crap). i am so glad it's this weekend already so i can stop all these preparations and just    BE    THERE. we're gonna have some brand new stuff (even though all of it will be pretty new to people in Seattle). here are 2 of my new mini prints that i'll have with me. if you follow me on instagram (@p_e_n_g), u would've seen cropped versions of them.

also, i'll have my brand-spankin new art book for this year. it's 36 pages full of my sketches and pinup stuff, even some character design stuff. i'll be selling them for $20 and i'll only have a handful with me. i'm lookin forward to seeing new people!

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