Friday, March 20, 2015

been drawing

[listening to "gigolo" by nick cannon feat. r. kelly]

i'm finally getting around to posting the full image of my Big Hero 6 piece. i noticed, thanx to instagram, that i've been drawing a lot of BH6 lately. like, a lot. what can i say, i really really enjoy it. i'm not even done yet! cuz i gotta draw a Baymax. duh! don't worry, i'll draw other stuff soon. i just need all the BH6 i can get.

this one was really ambitious for me. really, anything with a background is ambitious for me cuz i have to teach myself how. thank goodness for dope artists sharing their knowledge online. it helps us folks that can't afford school. but believe me, if i come up on some large sum of money, i'll be spendin it on online classes fo sho! at any rate, i figured after my Dragons piece, i gotta learn to put backgrounds on some of my stuff. the balloons in the back were actually kinda fun cuz i got to turn em into versions of japanese kites i saw online. i really want one of those koi fish ones!

anyways, i decided to pencil out the whole thing because i've never attempted to do a piece this large before without lines. the lines were just in case i failed in my mission. which sounds like a chump's way out, but i never said i was one to jump without a net. never ever said that in my life. matter of fact, i'm one to not jump - period. still, i managed to do it without the lines anyway. with more practice, i'll get this right. i cropped it this tightly on purpose cuz i wanted to give it that movie widescreen feel. i hope folks don't mind all the white space above & below. i would post process files, but there are soooo many layers on this i can't even begin to attempt to show em.

i should have this with me at Emerald City Comicon next week. i hope people like it as much as i do.

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