Tuesday, March 17, 2015

spidey gwen

[listening to "what about love" by heart]

pretty busy over here prepping for Emerald City Comic Con, which in my head was like months away. but it just hit me that it's 2 weekends from now. i'm legit having a mini panic attack over here. no worries though, i do that.
good news is that between inking pages for Bill and Ted, i've been able to cook up a couple of new pieces to bring with me to the show! so i'm super duper excited! gotta bring my A-Game if i'm gonna live up to my guest status. one of the new pieces i should have with me is this Spider-Gwen! i just love her striking and simple design with some magenta accents. love it love it. so i had to do something.

i didn't do any tight lines or pencils for this one. i went straight off a sketch that i did and went right into coloring. i'm still trying to get good at this style of colors and this is my first big piece that i did this way. i wanna do more! if i could afford a great class about doing backgrounds, i totally would. for now, however, i have to teach myself. which is hardest & slowest way to do it. how do u teach urself something u have no idea about??

hope everyone enjoys it at the show! if she does well, i'll have her with me at other cons this year.

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