Monday, May 11, 2015

mothers day

[listening to "scream my name" by tove lo]

it was Mother's Day yesterday so i hope u all spent some time telling ur mom u love her. she should hear u tell her that everyday, but u must tell her on Mother's Day. it's the rules. (unless u have a complicated relationship with ur mom, in which case i'm not sure how to address that. so i'm just gonna blow past it.) in honor of Mother's Day i made a quick 1-hour doodle of the most mother-daughter themed Disney flick i know & love - BRAVE! well, there's Tangled too, but in a weird backwards sorta way. my mom & i rarely fight, and i don't really remember giving her much reasons to be mad at me when i was a kid (save for not cleaning up my room, like ever), so Merida's relationship with her mother doesn't necessarily apply to me. but i love the movie anyways.

MEND THE BOND. behind every fierce woman is an even fiercer mom.

so i sketch very loosely on paper with my red pencil, scan it, then go ham on digital painting. i had two ideas, but i thought the one with Elinor brushing Merida's hair wasn't the right tone that i wanted to show. so i went with them hugging. it's one of the sweetest moments in the film. plus i think kid merida is durned adorable.


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