Wednesday, May 13, 2015

tidewater comicon

[listening to "oblivion" by m83 feat. susanne sundfor]

Tidewater Comicon Exclusive Print
Find us in Artist Alley - TABLES M118-M119!

we're heading out to Tidewater Comicon this weekend! Jerry & i will be at TABLES M118 - M119! right next to Pascal Campion! i may not be able to hold back my fangirl-ing. i've only been following his work for, i dunno, 5 yrs or so. we'll have prints, comics, and artbooks with us. and we are, of course, doing sketches all weekend long.

ALSO! both of us did an exclusive print for the show which hopefully we made it to their cut-off to send it. we're always late for something. with luck, they managed to get it printed. i decided to take  my sketch of Wonder Woman in her DC Bombshell look (one of my favorite statues on my shelf) and finish coloring it. i'm not sure if they're selling these prints or just giving them to VIP people. either way, we won't have em with us at any other cons. so if you're going to Tidewater, ask the folks running the show how you can get ur hands on one of these. or ask me when u see me there. 

we've never been to this con and we hear good things about it. so hopefully it'll be a great precursor to Awesome Con at the end of the month!

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