Friday, May 22, 2015

pet roger

[listening to "crucial" by new edition]

commission sale is over! now i've got some really exciting commissions to work on! but before i delve too deep into it, i wanted to do a quick digital painting of one of my favorite Disney films - 101 Dalmatians!! i dunno why i love it so much. probably cuz it's doggies. a lot of people find it boring, but i find it relaxing. wanted to give dude drawings a go so i drew Pongo and his pet, Roger.
i was trying to keep this to a 1 hour thing. not because i'm trying to rush it, just that i'm trying to be a little more loose with it but still have the overall feeling i want to achieve. i think i get caught up in the teeny tiny details and that's why it takes me so long to do one. i think this took an hour and a half. it was durned Pongo's legs. i shoulda used reference to start with, but i didn't cuz i'm dumb. so going back to fix that held me back a bit. it's crazy how little we pay attention to stuff like a dog's stride. i love dogs, i have 2 of em, but i never paid attention to how they walk.
also tried lighting them from the back this time, which i never do. that was new and exciting for me. hopefully i achieved what i was going for. if i had more time, i'd do more of these. but these commissions ain't drawin themselves so i'm off to work! got mah venti iced mocha in my hand and i'm ready!

HUGE THANX to everyone that took advantage of my commission sale! i'm ready to draw draw draw!

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