Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 days left

[listening to "into you" by ariana grande]

Lucy pinup by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz

we have 5 days left of our kickstarter campaign. it's been a super stressful month so far and i'm super sorry i let this blog slip quite a bit during that time. u know, i heard running a kickstarter was gonna be time-consuming but nobody told me it was gonna consume ALL the time.

if u haven't done so already, please visit our kickstarter - we really want to make the best product we can and we're only able to do it with everyone's support.

hopefully, it gets funded and we can finally make something that we can really be proud of. then i can get back to posting on here like a normal person. in the meantime, enjoy this TOTALLY WICKED pinup that our friend Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz did of my character Lucy from my story "Little Devil"! u may know him from a little something called Street Fighter from UDON. he friggin killed it and it's on my everything - my desktop, my phone, u name it. i love it so much! if u pledge for the "Six-Demon Bag", or more, u'll get this print along with ALL the guest artist prints. go to the kickstarter and read up on our rewards!

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