Friday, August 19, 2016

kickstarter funded

"Little Devil" pinup by me!
our very first kickstarter was a success!!! i'm so so happy that my Little Devil story is going to see print and i can't wait to bring her into the hands of my fans and friends!
we not only met our goal, but we even got a couple of stretch goals in there, namely our hardcover for all the books! we've always wanted to do hardcover books but it just costs too much for us simple artist folks. but since we surpassed the goal, we've decided to put the extra money back into the book and make it the best quality we can make it. we're getting hardcover on all the books, a dust jacket, and even spot gloss! my goodness! here are a couple of mockups of the book.
The Blueprint 2 with hardcover
The Blueprint 2 with dust jacket

now, enough posting. back to work!

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