Friday, August 19, 2016

art rewards

[listening to "thinking bout you" by ariana grande]

don't forget guys, i have a Patreon page - 

here are the giveaways for the month of July! i know it's way into August now, and i'm sorry for the super crazy delay. running the kickstarter, even when there are 4 of in the studio working on em, was super time consuming so my rewards have been sent out a little later. i try to hit the week following the end of the month to send them out. but here i am, 3 weeks into August.

this month, the original art is this 6x8 watercolor piece of Liv Moore from the "iZombie" tv show. it was a suggestion from one of my Patreon supporters and i just happen to really like the show. so yeah of course i'll draw her! then there's a fun pack of a comic that i've worked on, plus a mini print, plus a couple of stickers. and the other reward is an 11x17 premium print - this month is my poison ivy print! i love getting fun art stuff in the mail so i assume other people do too. hope they like it!

u wanna get some fun rewards and see my art process? join me on my Patreon!!!

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