Friday, September 12, 2008

before i continue

i figure i'd update this before i continue with the long chain of stuff that needs to be done. i mean, really, that's what's supposed to happen isn't it? =P i've been working diligently on the current Marvel Masterpieces 3 cards (all FIFTY) that i hadn't had time to do much else. plus, since i had to get approval before i can post, i couldn't show my progress on here and now it looks like i've been doin nuthin but have my thumb in my navel. (anyone that knows me well enough knows where i got that from. ;P) but i haven't i swear!
still, instead of posting the cards at this time, i'm opting to show what i am currently working on that's on my art table since, again that's what i'm supposed to be doing here, right? since i finally finished the cards and got approval, i've been able to move on to other projects that i had neglected during that time. mainly this commission from a fellow deviant that i did that kirin centaur for before. she wanted a character that resembled her but with bat wings and a slick-lookin skirt suit with pinstripes and fedora hat to match. i was more than happy to oblige. ^__^ i have just finished laying down the flat colors and am in the process of fleshing it out (the fun part!). still, before i can do that i have to finish the cover of the custom comic i just finished lettering. so many things to get done, so few hours in my day and even fewer days off from the doggy place. T___T it's all good tho. so enjoy the progress. next time i shall certainly post ALL 50 marvel cards (which i won't do on deviant). something to look forward to!!!

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